Eve - Maternity Solution

A maternity application designed to improve patient outcomes.

Expectant mothers, particularly first time mothers, can be easily overwhelmed by the abundance of readily available information relating to birth and pregnancy. This information is often shared via untrusted and unmoderated sources such as websites and mothers’ forums, and is often conflicting from one site to another. In addition to this, expectant mothers find themselves juggling numerous appointments throughout their pregnancy and in some cases managing vitamin and/or medication regimes.

At the Cabrini Centre for Innovation, we’ve developed a platform to provide expectant mothers with access to a ‘single source of truth’ through the provision of informative clinical content, authored by Cabrini clinicians. The system is built on a robust and secure platform and provides patients with a means of contacting their Midwives in real-time in the event that they require information or advice relating to their pregnancy.

'Eve’ is a tablet based solution designed to connect the patient with Cabrini care givers and enhance their overall pregnancy experience. The application provides the user with access to a variety of tools to help monitor the wellbeing of both herself and her baby. The Midwifery team can also monitor the mother and baby’s wellbeing remotely via a web portal and can initiate secure voice or video links when required. All patient interactions are logged against the patients’ records and can be accessed by the Hospital Midwives as required.

In September 2017, Cabrini Hospital (Melbourne) went live with Eve and became the first hospital in the country to adopt this innovative technology.

If you’d like to pilot this solution at your hospital or you wish to learn more about Eve, please email us at innovation@cabrini.technology