GTS-1 - Gas Telemetry System

Remote digital telemetry and control of medical gas flows

Within the medical industry, it is not uncommon to find sites sharing medical gas supplies. Common examples include small practitioners that are based within hospital grounds, or even smaller private hospitals that are located within close proximity to larger public hospitals. One of the issues with sharing gas supplies is how to accurately measure the gas consumption of the involved parties.

The gas telemetry system was developed to address this problem with several key goals in mind:

  • Reduce costs
  • Accuracy
  • Real time monitoring
  • Availability of data to all parties at all times

The GTS-1 consists of a digital flowmeter combined with a data logger that broadcasts the gathered information over the mobile 3G network. Interested parties can then log in to a web client to view consumption, and cost estimates in real time. For convenience, a report is generated automatically for the clients every quarter that details their current consumption. 

Through careful research and sound application of the available technologies, the deployment of GTS-1 at has been highly successful at a private hospital in Adelaide where the first commercially available unit was sold.

The innovative application of such technologies has proven to be both more effective and less expensive than that of similar products offered by leading gas supply companies. The GTS-1 is now for sale through the Cabrini Centre for Innovation.

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