RTLS - Real Time Location System

Optimising patient flow via the deployment of RTLS technologies

The Centre for Innovation has great interest in the area of clinical workflow optimisation and is currently in the process of deploying an array of RTLS sensors, badges and tags in the Operating Theatre suite at a large Melbourne-based private hospital. Coupled with a workflow management software module, the infrastructure will provide the following benefits:

  • Optimisation of patient throughput, thus reducing costs associated with delays
  • Capability to report on surgery turnaround times
  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Patients and their families remain informed about the patient’s status
  • Automated alarm cancelling
  • Hand Hygiene compliance monitoring and reporting
  • 24/7 knowledge of staff and patient locations
  • 24/7 knowledge of vital equipment locations
  • Detailed asset utilisation reporting
  • Par level asset management, ideal for clinical equipment pools

rtls screens

The Centre for Innovation’s interest lies not in the technology itself, but in the effective utilisation of such technologies in order to optimise patient flow and the patient experience whilst minimising operating costs. Our first installation is scheduled to be completed in early 2018, at which point we will be publishing a white paper.

To learn more, please email us at innovation@cabrini.technology