SMX - Medical Asset Testing Software

An application designed to automate testing of medical assets

Cabrini Technology Group (CTG) provides testing and certification services for a number of clients including biomedical, scientific, medical and defence. This requires trained CTG field engineers to attend client premises to perform the testing of a wide range of assets. Currently CTG test around 60,000 assets per annum across Australia and New Zealand.

We are currently in the process of developing a custom built software package to help better manage, perform and report on the routine safety and performance testing of assets.

SMX is a paperless software solution that is highly automated and well integrated with numerous brands of test equipment hardware. The system detects assets within range of the laptop or tablet, reports on their test status in real time and prompts the user to complete tests where required. The system also detects nearby test equipment and automatically assigns the appropriate test equipment to the test record. Via its integration to various test equipment items, the system has the capability to initiate test protocols and import the test data into SMX.

Engineers can run asset testing reports in real time and disseminate such reports to hospital managers upon request. The system can also capture client signatures upon completion of work or in the event that authorisation is required to decommission a selection of assets.

It has been designed in-house by the Centre for Innovation and will be deployed across numerous areas of the Cabrini Technology business in late 2017.

This product will also be made available to CTG’s clients and partners in 2018 and will be commercially available to facilities management and biomedical service providers.

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